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Common Sharks

Sharks are carnivores, or meat eaters . Baby sharks or pups have a full set of teeth when they are born. Sharks bite 300 times harder than humans.All sharks are cold blooded. If sharks stop swimming they drown. Sharks can't swim backwards.There are more than 300 kinds of sharks in the world. There is only about a dozen shark attacks in the Unites States every year. All sharks have cartilage instead of bones.



Great white sharks

The Great White Shark is probably the most famous shark known. The GreatWhite Sharks lives in both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.Many people fear the Great White,because they swim to close to shore,because that's where most of their food is. The Great White shark eats salmon, hake, mackerel, and tuna.


Hammerhead Shark

One of the most unusual looking sharks is the Hammerhead Sharks. The part that looks like a hammer is the wide, flatted snout.At the most outer tip of the Hammerhead is its nostrils and eyes. There are nine different hammerhead sharks. They measure four feet to twenty feet.The most common hammerhead sharks are the Scalloped Hammerhead, the Smoth Hammerhead, and the Great Hammerhead.


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